Who we are

We would like to present you all the projects which are involved in PermaCoop:

PermaCoop is a collective for people with but of course also without own land.

Together we work on available land and share the work in a fair way

Following projects have their own land and participate in the distribtion


We are Carol and Andy, we came to this very special part of Spain in the foothills of Sierra Nevada in 1991 to fulfill our dream to try and live as self-sustainably as possible.

Discover all the wonderfull things we have in our region!

olive oil_2020-02-04_21-24-26
Cold pressed olive oil

dried olives

We do not make only oil out of the olives, some of them we dry in salt and eat them afterward rinsted in fresh water.

The general idea of PermaCoop is to create a social hub for fair economic activities for all participants. The principle is to break with the actual economy and create a new community supported project for the suply of the people.

The way we farm is ecologically regenerative. We work with local plants and rely on permanent and diverse cultivation in ecological harmony with the
To be environment.

One way to guarantee and improve  the way of our farming is the self certification concept SPG.

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PermaCoop is a open source project, means that all developements, resources, and informations are open accessable for further research, developement and production. This Website will be the main channel for public documentation and references.