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Smart Power Device

The use of the direct sunenergy is an essential part of our global energy supply. One of the few disadvantages is the non availability of energy in the night and the not constantly supply during the day. Appart of the night were the sun is not shinning at all, also during the day the productivity is varieting in the daytime and weathersituation. In the dayly situation people are confrontated with the uncontrolled use of the supplied energy and with it a not optimaize use of capacity.
Another issue of the uncontrolled use is the unwushed use of night energy storaged which shouled be avoied during the day to increase the lifeduration.

The following documentation shows the realization of a device for the controlled use of the supply and full use of the photovoltaic capacity. It leads through the different steps of developement untill the first hardware release version with its relevant documentation.

This project is runned under the open hardware licence DIN SPEC 3105

This device controlles the use of provided solar energy in a way that it is possbile to use as much as possible of it. Generally decribed: It brings the consumption curve of the electric devices as near as possible to the performance curve of the pv system.

following picture descibe 3 curves of power provides by PV module on three different days. The differences mainly are caused by shape creation depending of the weather, dayly time and the sun angle during the year.

The purpose of the smart power device is the reaction on this different power generation curves by adapting the energy consumption by opening and closing different powerlines.
In the general use of an off-grid pv system, it needs to be observed to connect or disconnect consumption deviced, in case that the battery doesnt get used or even inverter drop in the supply load and go in altert mode.

The smart power device give the possibility to connect any device(generally corresponding to the size of the pv system) and feeds it with the energy in the moment when ever it is provided.

Energy Management
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